Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Love Tree

If you have ever attended my school, or lived in the neighbourhood you would recognize this tree.  It stands in the middle of the very large playing field.  All of the other trees on the yard have been relatively newly planted. 

This is called the "Love Tree."

Legend has it that the Love Tree was so named because years ago, students carved their intials in the tree.  KB + RB etc.

If you look way up, you can still see some of the carvings.

This tree marks the boundaries of the play yard.  Students are not to go past the Love Tree.  I actually say that on the annoucements each September.  "Remember, don't go past the Love Tree at recess."

When I first visited the school, the June before I was to become principal, I asked a group of students to tell me about the recess rules.  They each referred to the Love Tree.

When I meet former students, most inquire if this tree is still standing, and if it still marks "out of bounds."

I find great comfort in this tree.  I think it's the history it holds, and represents.  But it's not static -- you can't say the tree never changes, it does with each season.  Just like the kids who play beneath it. 

Just like me.
KB + RB 4 ever.

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