Sunday, September 26, 2010

sane or not sane? that is the question

My last few posts have contained such words as "insane," "crazy," and "MHI."  Got me a bit worried, reading them over.  Thought I'd better have a check in with me moment, just to clarify my actual state of mind.

Here's my findings.  I am not crazy in the literal sense.  However, I recognize there are those that would argue that point (Sis, DH, Boy, Girl etc) on any given day. 

Here's my reasoning.  I figure a crazy person thinks they are perfectly sane, and everyone else around them is nuts.  Me, I figure I have some MHI, and everyone else around me is perfectly sane and normal.  I see myself as the only nut in the crowd. 

If one recognizes their own craziness, it must mean they aren't actually.

Right?  RIGHT????