Wednesday, August 22, 2012

20 Years!

Today is my 20th anniversary.


I was a baby when I got married.  Really.  Only 21.  I didn't know anything then except that DH was THE one.  He still is.

Funny story.

I was still in university and DH often came down to visit and to get me out of dorm-room hell.  We went to a jewelry store to get a silver tea set for his parent' anniversary (really for his mom -- I'm sure Pops didn't care about a tea set....).  While we were waiting for it to be polished and wrapped we were leaning on the jewelry counter.  Immediately beneath us were engagement rings.  Good marketing, that.

I was looking at them, apparently DH was too because he said in the most romantic way possible "so, do you wanta do it?"  I knew what he meant, said "sure, if you're serious."  He was.  We picked out a ring and lived happily (most of the time) ever after.  The end.

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