Monday, August 13, 2012

Boy's Garden

Boy is an entrepreneur.  He's always looking for two things.  One -- to make money and two -- to keep busy.  He's busy.  He's always got a plan and he's always working on something.

In the spring it was maple syrup production.  Though he found that was not a money making enterprise this time around.  He figures he should charge me about $25 for a pint of syrup to make a profit.  I suggested that he give me the syrup and I wouldn't charge him for cleaning the sticky off my ceiling...  We came to a mutually beneficial agreement there.

This summer he decided he would plant a garden.  It's a big garden about 125 feet long by about 15 feet wide.  Boy and Girl planned everything out and have been working all summer on weeding and harvesting.  First we got peas...

What they discovered was that you have to pick and shell ALOT of pea pods to get enough peas for one meal.

Also, if I hadn't been eating them raw out of their bowl there might have been more for supper....

Now they are harvesting potatoes.  They've got white and red ones.

I've been scrubbing the 'taters, chopping them up and putting them in tinfoil with a wee bit o' butter and some s&p.  Then I double wrap the tinfoil and put them on the BBQ for about 30 minutes.  Turning at least 4 times in that time.

I call these the versatile 'taters because they are good for breakfast, for dinner or let them cool and make potato salad.

Fresh from the garden is always best.
Fresh from a garden I don't have to weed or pick -- awesome!

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