Thursday, August 16, 2012


This is Girl's Crown Beta Fish, Bill.  Bill replaces Bubbles the Beta fish who jumped out of the tank to his death this winter (hence the scotch tape holding the lid on the tank this time... lessons learned).

Bill really is a beautiful fish.  I like everything about him except that he lives on my kitchen counter.  That's the only place to put him that a) can stand getting wet because it seems there is always H20 splashed about and b) that Rocky can't find him (also another reason for the scotch tape on the lid.)

Girl loves this fish.  She takes good care of Bill, so he is really no work for me.  In the mornings he is often the first being to say "hello" to me when he wags his wee tail fin looking for breakfast. I like him.

This morning we discovered that Bill wasn't his usually happy, bubbly self (you'll have to picture it) so I hope he isn't ill, or depressed and suicidal as our Bubbles apparently was.

Keep your fingers crossed for Bill.  Girl and I hope he makes it.

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