Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Once again, not parents of the year....

See this....

This is the view from inside my Jeep as we followed Boy down the back road on his tractor.  This is the antique 1953 tractor that he restored last summer.  He was taking it to nearby Small Town to get something put in the tires (for added weight, I'm told).  When he started out for Small Town it wasn't raining, but it was a wee tich overcast.  DH sent him anyway.  We left shortly after and caught up with him just before the torrent hit.  His tractor does not have a cab.
We did throw Boy a jacket -- but neither one of us offered to take over driving the tractor.  I looked at DH and said, "does this make us bad parents?"
"It makes us dry ones," he said with a smirk...

Nope not parents of the year.... again.

(By the way, Boy is just fine.  Apparently he's not made of sugar, so he didn't melt.  And his humour was quite good despite being soggy.   So all is well.  Massey will get goop in the tires and Boy will be set to plow something sometime....)

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