Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Boy the Plowman

Boy fixed up this tractor last summer.  It's a 1950-something Massey 33.  This summer he took on finding and fixing an old plow from the same era.

He had a harder time with it than planned as one of the shop boys backed over it and broke some essential parts.  Turns out those parts are next to impossible to replace.  We know because the shop boy and my Boy looked for months.  

Boy is also a kijiji addict.  He found a "newer" model of the same plow type on the site, bought it and modified it to fit his plow.  

His goal all along was to take his tractor in the County Plowing match, that was, coincidently to be held on the farm of friends of ours. ( Friends with a real farm, not a big lawn that her boys pretend is a farm so they can buy equipment...)

Boy finished his plow 2 days before the competition, did a practice run to make sure it would stay together, then declared himself fit to compete.  

I was at Girl's horse show so I didn't get to watch, but my friend L sent me these pictures, and Boy gave me details when he got home.

Turns out there were lots of friendly folks to give advice and help out.  DH "coached" and Boy ploughed.  He told me that as long as he didn't come last anything else would be as good as first.  Turns out he did place and got a cheque to prove it.  He claims he's now a "professional" because he's been paid for his "sport."

I told him that he ought to hand that cheque over to his dad for gas and parts, but Boy had an answer for that.  He told me that his dad is now his "sponsor" and he is seeking others to do the same....

When I showed him the pictures that L took, I asked him if he knew she was photographing him.  He said, "no, but it's cool that I've got paparazzi."

Good thing it's a big tractor.  It's needed to support his head.