Monday, July 19, 2010

Again, not mother-of-the-year

The Boy played in a baseball tournament this weekend.  I had second thoughts about letting him play because he's been sick and on the couch for the past week.  He begged, and gave me those big blue eyes and a "please, mommy."  I never get "mommy" unless he wants something, I shouldn't be so suckered in....

We left for the tournament at 6:30am on Saturday morning. Yep, 6:30AM (while DH and the Girl slept in.) The first game was at 8:00am.

At 7:55am I gave the boy some cough syrup.  I didn't want him to do his cough-bark during the game.....

At 8:30am I thought the Boy was moving a little slowly.  But he wasn't coughing, so I wasn't too concerned.

At 8:35 I realized that something just wasn't right with his movements.... then it dawned on me.  The cough medicine comes with a warning -- may cause dizziness....  Clearly caused dizziness. 
After the game I asked the Boy how he was feeling.  He said "a little light headed.  But I did okay, I just tried to catch the middle ball."  The middle ball?  "Yeah, sometimes I saw 3 coming at me, so I just put the glove towards the middle one......" 

Next game I didn't dope him up.  I figured a coughing fit was better than a ball in the head....  Yep, that's mother-of-the-year thinking right there, folks.

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  1. Well, that's right up there with my girl's broken arm incident last year at the tournament..........again, no mother-of-the-year for me.
    Great pictures by the way. I took a bunch of my boy last year and they have disappeared into a great idea where they are. AND, they were awesome pictures........sigh!