Friday, July 30, 2010

new contraption

My friend calls our backyard "the Camp" because there are so many kid things to do.  In truth, I think it's as much fun for DH as it is for the gang.

We have a new contraption.  It's the swingset that looks a bit like a shop chain-fall behind the shed.

It's 13 feet out of the ground.  There's 6 feet in the ground.  The construction of the mighty swingset was quite the production.  We had the loader, tractor and gator all involved.  All that horsepower and I only got to run the level and hold the ladder.  The gang got the motorized stuff.... 
But I'm okay with that -- less responsibility that way. 

It's so high that you get a really nice swing going; even I have been swinging.  As long as I don't put my head back, or close my eyes, or go too high I don't get any vertigo or tummy oopsy-daisies.  It's a really good ab work out too.

So if you call, and I say I'm working out I might be on the contraption...


  1. Very cool!
    And yah, I'd rather hold the level too, and for the same reason, plus I'd have to wrestle someone for the equipment with engines and steering wheels!

  2. ...and by the way, I want a swing set like that. I LOVE to swing!!

  3. You can come over and swing any time!