Saturday, July 10, 2010

gender differences

So I took Roxy to the vet yesterday for her shots and check up.  Turns out Roxy has "boy parts" that are not obvious by looking -- who knew?  You can only tell by squeezing the right parts..... 
I debated not telling the family as they had their hearts set on a girl, but I thought that might be denying the male Roxy a chance to be who he is.  DD and I were quite okay with leaving the name as it was, but the males on the estate (especially DS) were adament that a "girl name" was inappropriate.  I think DS pictured the cat getting beat up -- the sissy cat on the playground...
So after much debate we went with Rocky.  I'm not sure it's a gentile enough name because he really seems to be a gentleman -- a combination of rock star wild-man and aristocrat, really. 
In just 2 days he has become a part of the family -- boy parts and all. 


  1. You'd think a vet's daughter would know such things....

  2. You would think! Had you already told your dad it was a girl?!?!