Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another New Friend

Another little buddy on the estate...
I got up early (I know it's summer and I'm off, how early is early???) and noticed this little fella peeking out of the tree by our deck.  He was sleeping 'til he heard me open and close the door; then he sat very patiently while I adjusted my lens for the morning light.
I showed DH our visitor but he didn't think he was as cute as I did.  In the afternoon DH and DS used the loader bucket -- specifically  DS drove the loader and DH got in the bucket so he could get a lift to the hole.  Inside he found 5 baby raccoons -- no, he didn't take any photos, he was worried about mamma attacking him. 
So, now our little 'coon family has been safely removed to a more rural area a couple of miles out of town.  And I am relieved that DH was neither attacked, nor dumped out of the loader bucket by the Boy.


  1. That's how it goes at our house too.........son driving the forklift or the backhoe and dad on a pallet or in the bucket.......glad no one was attacked!

  2. excellent photo, by the way........definitely "fair worthy"!