Sunday, July 4, 2010


I like to garden, but I am not particularly knowledgable about it.  I look for leaves and flowers on plants that I like and I stick 'em in the ground.  If they don't grow, then I stick something else in that space the next year.  If it does grow, I do a little happy dance, and then I divide the plant and stick it somewhere else.  I water when I remember and I weed regularly, 'cause this is my meditation. 

My approach to pruning is also hap-hazard.  Much like my approach to my own hair.  Every now and then I notice it's looking shaggy (my hair, or the bushes) and then I wack off the piece(s) sticking out.  My DS (dear sister) is my hair dresser.  She can attest to my weak attempts to prune my bangs.....

Yesterday I noticed the bushes at the front of the house were out of control.  They didn't bug me the day before, but yesterday they definitely needed a trim.  I have a really nice hedge trimmer that DH gave me years ago, but I don't like it.  It's too precise.  I don't do the box or globe look for my bushes.  I just grab the pieces that are sticking out and bugging me, and then I cut them off. 

I did  pretty well with the dogwood and black one (I call it Sambooka, but I'm  pretty sure that's an alcoholic beverage, not a shrub), but I couldn't reach the top of the yew.  DH doesn't like to help me with pruning.  He lacks patience and vision, I say.   He says something entirely different.  In the past I've asked him for a boost, but I know from experience he won't help me.  I don't blame him -- I wouldn't want to lift a lady with clippers over my head either... at least not when her definition of pruning is "just cut off anything that is sticking out weird...."  You know, those ears and all....

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