Thursday, July 8, 2010

Meet Roxy

Meet Roxy
We decided it was time to have a new cat on the estate.  It just seemed like something (someone?) was missing since Reebok passed away in December.  Friends of ours on a farm just outside of town had some kittens in May that fit our requirements (friendly, female and brown tabby). We brought her home today, and before the jeep was in park in the driveway the kids had her name -- Roxy.  I was rooting for either "Katmandu" or  "Wikipedia" myself, but Roxy suits our wee lady just fine.  So far she has sniffed her way all around the first floor, jumped off and on the couch a dozen times -- they don't have a couch in the farm driving shed, I'm guessing, and had 3 naps.  She has also just made use of her litter box already (yeah, she's smart too!).  She makes my babies happy, and has possibly filled a hole in my heart and home that only a pet can mend. 

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  1. It's just not the same without the pet is it? I am so glad you have a new member for your family..........she's a cutie and I love her name!