Sunday, July 11, 2010


 I LOVE MY GATOR!  I was not thrilled in December when the family came home with MY Christmas present.  Who's kidding who?  A gator for mom... I don't think so.
But I take all the nasty things I said (yep, they were nasty) back.  I gardened all day today and used the gator for everything -- hauling mulch, hauling plants, hauling and dumping weeds and dirt, carrying my watering cans and tools.  It was also my shady spot when I took my water breaks.  I'm no longer sure how I functioned with a wagon and four-wheeler or wheel barrow.  I'm spoiled.
So spoiled that I have debated asking DH for a garage door opener -- it's a pain to get off the gator to open the shed door.....

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