Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am pretty excited about some new underwear I just found. It's "boycut" from JoeFresh (purchased at, of all places, Zehrs grocery store.) It's just plain white cotton, but it sits and stays where it is supposed to and it washes well. Underwear is an issue in my life. I've been known to wear a thong, simply because if fabric is going to be "up there" anyway, it might as well be as little as possible.

DH and I made a pact when we got married that included amongst other things, that there would be no "big mama underwear." He said there are few things that are a greater turn off than seeing ladies underwear "big enough to sail a ship" hanging from the clothes line as you are coming home for the day. What, you say? You let him tell you what underwear to buy? Well, when I made the pact I was teeny tiny wearing teeny tiny unders. Had no perspective on child-bearing wear and tear. (I did get a concession to the agreement while I was pregnant. I need the stretch to hold up baby-belly.) Now, believe it or not, I am grateful for this deal. Can't imagine feeling pretty in great big poly-stretch gitch.
However, I am now well acquainted with child-bearing/age-wear-and-tear so my search for acceptable underwear is never ending. And while my boy-cut briefs will never be accused of being "sexy," I figure if Jennifer Anistin can wear them in the movies, they cannot be labelled "appropriate for sailing the BlueNose!"

Further suggestions for my great underwear search are always welcome!

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  1. Thanks for the underwear tip, KB. As I was putting laundry away, I noticed (with great dread), that it is time to purchase some new! Off to Zehrs we'll go!