Friday, July 31, 2009

This is my purse. It's big. It's turquoise. It fits EVERYTHING in it that I need, including a flashlight (ya never know...), my book and cross-stitching ('cause one can only watch so many baseball practices), wallet, keys, kleenex, bank book(s), notebook, IPod (again with the baseball thing and my ADHD) etc. No different than any other woman's purse.

I went shopping with my friend Lynn today. Visited some neat little shops; it figures that I came home with many more bags that she did. Amongst my purchases is a new black purse. I already have 5 black purses, but I will justify this one in that it is a leather backpack purse. Perfect for the trip to the zoo we have planned as I can carry everyone's "stuff" and not break my back like my big turquoise suitcase/purse would.

In our trek today I found a new favourite thing! It's called a Pouchee and it's like a little purse/wallet all in one. It's meant to sit inside a bigger purse and and make it easy to switch between purses. It's 18cm long by 13 cm high and 8 cm wide. There's room for credit and bank cards, lipstick (2 in my case), keys, my Advil bottle, small brush, change purse, money and cell phone. Each has it's own wee pocket. It looks good enough that you could likely carry it on it's own if you needed to. I love that I can switch from Big Turquoise to my new black backpack in just a second; to get ready to go for an outing requiring a smaller black purse (of which, I am sure there will be many ...)

This is a close up of the pouchee. Purchased at the coolest shop called "Is this Chair Taken?" in New Hamburg, Ontario.

So why the obsession with purses? I'd say it ranks up there with shoes. And I know it's not just me, 'cause too many other ladies comment on my purse(s) or shoes and compare notes. My theory is that with shoes and purses you really only need to consider colour and size and they will always look good. With jeans, bathing suits (heaven forbid) and everything else we buy we need to spend more time pondering body type, big this, not enough that etc. Purses and shoes don't require such consideration -- in that way they are very practical. Can it fit all my stuff? Do I like the colour? Will it match anything I already own? Do they pinch my feet anywhere? Done.

Next time I will take Lynn shoe-shopping. I need shoes to go with my new bag!


  1. Does New Hamburg have a Zehrs?!?!?! The pouchee thing is cool. I dread switching purses, as I usually get somewhere with the "new" purse and discover something I need has been left behind.

  2. Pouchee and undies -- what more could you ask for? Don't know if NH has a Zehrs with JoeFresh, but Listowel does.