Sunday, July 26, 2009

If you follow Oprah you know that one of the practices she follows and advocates is showing gratitude. I believe she keeps a gratitude journal. Many of the books I have read suggest the same. I have discovered on nights when the brain just won't shut off that a silent list of things to be thankful for works even better than counting sheep. In a sermon at church a few years ago, on a hot June day, the minister spoke of things to be thankful for. Someone spoke up and said "air conditioning and round bales!" I think gratitude is different for everyone, and changes each day. Some days it is just as important to recognize the little things, as it is to praise the big ones

Part 1: My gratitude list in no particular order (except the first 2 will always be at the top of list)
-fly swatters
-shiny sink
-soft pillow

Enjoy your Sunday. Be grateful, rain and all.

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