Tuesday, July 28, 2009

There are only 4 people who live in my house. 3 of those people would like me to be a short-order cook. DH is a picky eater, but he thinks he is easy to please -- meat and potatoes; but no chicken, pork (except sausage), roast beef, steak, fish, lamb, vegetarian anything and as little pasta and rice as possible. In my book that pretty much leaves hamburger. When DS was little he had a severe milk allergy. DD would be happy to survive on yogurt, pickles, crackers, grapes and popcorn. And somehow I have to come up with a single meal (because I'm NOT running a restaurant) to satisfy everyone. Maybe "satisfy" isn't the word, maybe just "feed so they aren't malnourished and I don't go crazy" is more accurate.

My solution? I have created a "Boyd Family Favourites" binder. Each week I try one new recipe. Everyone has to vote on whether or not it is worthy of the title "Favourite." Sometimes I have to make it again another week just to be sure about it. Once voted a favourite I type it out on the computer and it goes into our binder. When I'm looking for something to make I just pull out the binder because everything in there has been agreed upon by everyone. If I hear any complaints I tell them "it was in the Favourites Binder." That ends the discussion. I've saved all of these recipes to disk. When the kiddies are ready to fly my coop, they'll get a copy of the disk so they can feed themselves on favourites.

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