Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I saw my friend Library Lynn yesterday. I was telling her about my blog and she said "My goodness K, you are as excited about this as you were about Flylady." True enough! I think I figured out the question I posed on yesterday's of the things that makes "life worthwhile, worth getting out of bed" is the excitement of learning something new. When there is challenge to overcome (in the case of blogging the obstacle was absolute ignorance) then the excitement is just that much greater. There, one mystery of my world solved.

So Flylady (link is at the bottom of my blog) was my discovery on my year off. She changed my life, literally. I have always been organized (though DH can't see it) but Flylady gave me a system to motivate me. On Flylady this month's habit is "Swish and Swipe." I used to think that cleaning the bathroom was an hour job. Nope. I swish the toilet bowl every morning (10 seconds) and wipe the counter, sink, shower faucet and tap and toilet seat and bowl top (30-45 seconds depending on how many males have used the toilet since the day before!). Bathroom cleaned 1 minute tops! I give the tub and shower a good scrub once a week during my house blessing. Easy -- life changing, really.

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