Monday, July 27, 2009

I have spent much time reading and searching other blogs to figure out how to do things. In the process I have learned a lot (not just about blogging) and been inspired by moving stories and beautiful pictures. One blog I especially like is zenhabits which led me to Both of these come under the category of "productivity blogs." To help with productivity one suggestion is to make your "systems" more efficient, or to develop "systems" for work and home if you don't already have them.

Systems. I have systems. Difficulty is getting the other people, big and little, to follow MY systems. I have a laundry system -- one load per day. It's taken to the machine in the evening after I've put the kids to bed. It goes on the line or in the dryer in the morning. It's put away when I get home from work. Simple. Not simple, if you are one of the other people in the house and you cannot find the laundry hamper. I've considered signage with a big arrow, but I fear that the arrow will only lead to the floor beside the hamper because it seems aim is a problem.
I have a dirty dishes system. Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher. When it is full, turn it on. When they are clean put them away. Apparently this is also complicated and that the other system in the house that runs counter to mine means leave dishes wherever you are -- beside a chair or on the floor in the playroom. I consider myself blessed if they make it to the sink (beside the dishwasher!)
I have a system for groceries. When we are out of something, or almost out, write it on the list beside the frig. I even have TWO pens there in case one goes missing. Invariably I hear "did you get___" and I always respond with "was it on the list?" One would think that if you wanted something bad enough you would write it on the list the next time. Nope. Different system -- yell at mom and maybe she'll remember in 7 days!

Systems for productivity? I have systems. What I lack is either the ability to motivate, or the ability to instill enough fear to make others follow them. It's a toss up.

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  1. Same systems here.............same problems..........same sigh, KB!!