Thursday, July 30, 2009

This is Reebok, the wonder cat. She's as much a part of our family as any of the 4 humans that reside at Shady Hall. She is nearly 17 years old. The vet calls her a "geriatric cat" but Reebok takes great offense to this label and refuses to behave as if she is in her golden years. For example, while we have perfectly good doors for entry and exit on the first floor, she prefers to enter the house through our small second story door. This means she must climb our deck, launch herself straight upwards to the awning which she grabs with her front claws, then she flips her hind end up over top of the awning. She then jumps to the roof above our kitchen, walks across that roof and knocks at the door of our small second story porch.
In addition to defying gravity, she denies her age in that she still loves to play like a kitten. I often wake in the middle of night to the sound of a rolling marble, barbie shoe or some other tiny toy that Reebok is batting around and chasing through the house. She catches mice and birds with great regularity, though she has given up bringing them to the door as she rarely got the high praise she was expecting.
This cat is also aware that she is Princess Purrfect around here. She has various demands that WILL be met. The craziest being that she will only drink water from a Dixie Cup placed on a stool in the bathroom. And, it must be a fresh Dixie cup; if you merely refill yesterday's she will knock it over with her paw and give a disgusted look. Also, the cup cannot be placed on the floor (because what cat drinks off the floor?) or it will meet the same fate. I think she likes the cup on the stool so she doesn't have to bend over. We know when Reebok is seeking fresh water as she will knock on the bathroom door, usually while the occupant is "busy." When she is allowed in, she meows and stands on the stool waiting for her beverage.
Crazy cat? Nope, crazy family.

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  1. You were born to blog. I love your insight and your humour. Thanks for the giggles.