Monday, July 20, 2009

menu planning monday

I found a cool blog in my web-searching yesterday. It's found at There is a neat section on Menu Planning Monday. Each week over 300 people post their menu plans for the week. It looks like some have recipes attached. I'm going to follow the advice on this blog and see if I can link and post MPM to mine.
Monday -- DD (dear daughter) away -- Ham and Cheese on a bun, Potato soup, cucumber salad
Tuesday -- Shepherd's pie, spinach salad
Wednesday -- spaghetti supper, garlic bread, salad
Thursday -- CocaCola Chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies
Friday -- hope someone's taking me out....
Saturday -- Pulled Pork sandwiches
Sunday -- big family potluck for birthday party

CocaCola Chicken Recipe
1 cup of coke
1 cup of ketchup
Stir together (don't stir too fast as you don't want it too foamy)
Salt and pepper chicken breasts or pieces. Put in pan and pour coke mixture over top. Cook in 350F oven, covered, for 15 min. Uncover and cook another 15 min. or until chicken is cooked.


  1. Welcome to Menu Planning Monday! Isn't it fun? The coca cola chicken sounds so easy! I'll have to use Pepsi though, that what we have on hand around here. :)
    Joy @

  2. I just found out my mom doesn't really like spaghetti so I have to figure out a way to sneak it in :)