Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This is my girl riding her beloved "Strawberry Shortcake" at the Games Night last week.  I got weepy watching her ride.  It's beginning to look effortless, and you can just tell she loves, truly loves, "Berry."

I got weepy today too.  I've been taking summer riding lessons this year.  Today was my fourth lesson.  It's a fluke that I got started, but I wanted to do something "for me" and watching Girl reminded me how much I used to love to ride.

Today I rode the beautiful Joe.  He's huge and I wish I had a picture to show you what a gentle giant he is, but it's hard to ride and take pictures at the same time.  My weepiness occurred on the way home from the stable.   Weepy because I can't remember a more completely selfish, enjoyable, heart-uplifting morning. 

I think there is something really wonderful about the communication between beast and human, horse and rider.  You ask the horse to go fast, he goes fast, to slow down and he slows down.  Joe understood what I wanted and he did it, and then some.  Cool.

I think I am over analyzing an amazing ride this morning.  Or maybe it's wishful thinking.....

This critter pays absolutely no attention to what I am saying.  Rocky understands perfectly, but chooses to do his own thing.  He says "screw you" in his quiet kitty way on a daily basis. 

I just want to be heard, animal, I just want to be heard.

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