Monday, August 2, 2010

new battle

I have been very upset with my peeps in the last week.  They've been messing around in my office, specifically with the paper shredder.  Every day, I've been sweeping up bits of paper.  Of course the standard answer has been "it wasn't me."  It never is.

Only this time.  It really wasn't.

Darn Cat.


  1. As I write, Rocky races into the office and jumps on the shredder. I kick the shredder and yell. He runs away. Then he zips back in and takes one piece of shredded paper away in his mouth. Then he goes into the hall, looks at me with big, wide, innocent eyes and drops the paper on the floor. Then he takes off like the devils on his back. What I don't see is him in the living room, laughing!