Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This is the Girl's doll, Brianne with her horse, Ice.  Brianne is a Maplelea doll.  Maplelea Dolls, if you are unfamiliar, are the Canadian version of American Girls.  They come with more outfits and costumes per doll than I have in my closet.  (Yes, I'm jealous.  Do you see those purple cowboy boots?)

I'm thinking costumes right now because I have to make a tutu for a horse.  Girl and Strawberry are going in a costume class at their horse show this weekend.  They are being ballerinas.  I hope the judges are ready for a plethera of pink touling and ribbons!!!

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  1. We are expecting pictures, after that teaser! Good luck with the tutu. I am glad it's you and not me. It never ceases to amaze what we can get ourselves into.............I recall creating a Marvin the Martian costume for our boy one year. It involved alot of spray paint, a hockey helmet and a scrub brush, just for starters!
    Hope Girl and Strawberry have fun.