Tuesday, August 10, 2010


These are my feet.  These are my feet before I declared myself dufus of the day.

I have taken up a bit of jogging again.  I say "a bit" because it's more like a walk/jog event right now.  More on that and my motives another time.

Any way.  I've already established that I hate sweating.  I have issues.  Then I read about some workout wear that "wicks away sweat" to keep you dry.  Brilliant. AND SportCheck had it on sale.
I bought myself a running bra -- not for support (also been established that that is NOT one of my issues), just 'cause I hate the wet feeling of my wonderbra after running.

The particular running bra I purchased happens to say "constriction" on it.  Silly me, thought it said "construction" as in "constructed for running."  Nope, it turns out it means it squeezes you tight so it's constricting (as in boa constrictor).  Once I got used to it, I could breathe okay.

So here's the dufus part -- stop here, if you currently consider me relatively able and intelligent, cause I'm gonna blow that image right now!  

So after doing my run I was really sweaty, but my clothes were not stuck to me (go Nike!), but I definitely needed a shower.  Trouble is, when you are really hot, and your skin is wet with perspiration it's really hard to get the constricting contraption off.  I did some weird contortions, debated calling DH.  Died of mortification and humilitation at the thought because I know how hard he would laugh.  I pulled the thing from the back up over my head.  I think partially dislocating a shoulder in the process but more painfully pulling a muscle in my neck.  Like really pulling it.  Like cry out and then lay on the floor pulling it.

I'm a dufus.  Why?  'Cause I'm gonna put it on again tonight because it did "wick away" sweat, but I'm gonna keep my scissors close by so if I get stuck again I can cut myself out of it.....

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