Monday, August 9, 2010

Tea Party

Every now and then the Girl asks if we can have a tea party.  It's just the two of us with some tea and treats.  And we always use the tiny pink tea set she was given for her third birthday.

Yesterday the Boy asked what we were doing.  This is the conversation:

Boy:  What are you doing?
Girl:  Having a tea party, want to join us?
Boy:  What are you drinking?
Girl:  Tea.  It's mommy's fancy chocolate tea.  Want some?
Boy:  Why are you drinking real tea?
Girl:  It's a tea party.  It's really good.  Want some?
Boy:  Why are the cups so small?
Girl:  They're tea cups, for the tea.
Boy:  What are you eating?
Girl:  Cookies.  Want some?
Boy:  What kind?
Girl:  Chocolate chip.  Want some?
Boy:  How come you get the chocolate chip cookies?
Girl:  They go with the tea.  You know, for the tea party.  Are you having some or not?
Boy:  Nah.  I don't like the little pink cups.
Girl:  (disgusted) You should go find dad and have a beer or something! (unsaid:  you slovenly, uncultured, disgusting boy-freak)

(notice the pinky fingers....)

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