Monday, August 16, 2010

Neighbour Girl

This is our neighbour girl.  She's four and adorable.  She regularly comes to play with the Girl.  They play babies -- in the playhouse, or spread out on blankets under the shade of one of the big trees. 

The thing I love about NG (neighbour girl) is that even though she is small and angelic-looking, she knows her own mind.  This is a good thing because the Girl is also head-strong. NG does not let the Girl push her around, and vice-versa.  Sometimes that means one goes home early, but usually it means they find a compromise.

NG calls the Girl by her first name, but she refers to my son as "Boy."  She knows his name, but she calls him "Boy" regardless.  You often hear her yell to her mom, I am going to play with Z and Boy.  It's hilarious. 

I changed my blog posting from referring to my kids as DD and DS (dear daughter and dear son) because NG inspired me.  Girl and Boy work well -- and sometimes, depending on the post and my mood,  the "dear" was a stretch anyway.

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