Friday, August 6, 2010

feeling my pain....

Shockers of shockers this week.  While the Girl and I were out, the Boy decided to clean his cave....without me even suggesting it would be a good idea.

I know, my first thought was that he felt he was in trouble with something and was making a brownie point deposit before confessing.

But no, he said he just felt it was pretty messy (did I mention his tendency for understatement?) and needed to be tidied.  And tidy he did; everything off the desk and dressers, dusted, vacuumed, even asked for Windex.  I know, crazy.  I didn't think he even knew Windex existed.

It took him most of the morning, and when he finished he flopped down on the chair beside me with a big sigh. 

This was the conversation:

Boy:  Geez mom, that took a lot longer than I thought.
Me:  uh huh
Boy:  That cleaning was  pretty hard work.
Me:   uh huh
Boy:  No, I mean that was really tiring, hard work.
Me:  Imagine if all that cleaning you were doing was someone else's mess.  Wouldn't that be even worse?
Boy:  I hear what you are saying.  
Me:  uh huh
Boy:  I feel your pain.
Me:  Thank you.  Does this mean you are going to work harder to help me, and to not make a mess in the first place?
Boy:  Not likely.  But know that I feel for you.

Bless his ever loving, messy heart.

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  1. Too cute, KB!
    And isn't it so nice when they do something like that, without being nagged, prodded or cajoled?
    It doesn't happen often, but it's so special when they do!