Tuesday, August 24, 2010

freaked out

Yesterday I stumbled upon a website about my school board.  The cowards that put it up did not have their profiles listed, but called themselves the Union of Parents.  On the site were photos of administrators taken from websites and from their personal blogs.  The Union of Parents called one principal a pedophile, called another a bad mother, and several others liars and cheats. 
The comments that most freaked me out were the comments taken directly from the principal's personal blog, which by the way is very, very much like mine.  She's just a mom blogging about life with her kids.  The comments and photos were taken completely out of context and very twisted.  It was scary.
Scary to think what could be taken from this blog -- I swear; I beat my cat; I drug my kids; I'm a redneck (well, that one's not much of a stretch...)
It hadn't occurred to me that people would hurt someone so publicly with internet content, stolen really.  I've fretted about it all night.  I didn't even know if I would write today.
This has caused me pause.



  1. it's pretty scary to know, that some people have nothing better to do. sometimes I think the world is going to hell in a handbasket.....

  2. Unbelieveable! They obviously don't have enough to do.......and of course their profiles wouldn't be listed..........too cowardly.