Saturday, August 1, 2009

I don't get it. Camping, that is. Most of my friends disappear to a campground of some sort for a few days or weekends each summer. It's not that I'm anti-camping, I just truly fail to see the attraction.
We'll start with tenting. Can't see the fun in sleeping on the ground (or air mattress) in a mosquito (bear?) filled bush, peeing in a hole/latrine/public washroom, cooking my own food and fending off blackflies (bears?). I don't get it.
Even RV or trailer-type camping is beyond my comprehension (though certainly more within my realm of possibility than a tent). Still have to cook my own food, still have to clean up after everyone, still mosquitos (bears?). I don't get it. If I need a holiday it better not be spent living in the same conditions as someone struggling in a third world country (only they don't have to consider bears!)
So I don't camp. I do, however, long for a 5-star with a spa 'cause my holiday DOES include a massage and pedicure!


  1. Ditto, KB. The camping thing also includes "the cottage", for me. We already have 1 home where things get behind...........the thoughts of driving to a second one so that I can double up on cleaning/cooking/maintenance/lawn thanks. PLUS, I HATE packing, with a passion. So, I think I'll just head out to the porch, or down to the patio and enjoy a campfire and the waterfall.

  2. Ka, I finally figured out how to do this. Not so computer illiterate as I thought. It only took me a few weeks. Anyway, ditto on the camping thing. Avyn has been asking why everyone seems to camp but us. So last weekend when we told her we were going away, she asked if we were camping.......... my reply, yes, Mommy style - in a hotel.

  3. I am waiting to hear the arguments for the other side of the issue, but I am so glad I am glad to hear that I am not the only "princess" on the block. I also agree with Lorrie about the cottage -- my parents truck their "stuff" up every weekend to basically look after another home with the only benefit being the beach. I am glad my favourite place on earth is my backyard!