Sunday, August 2, 2009

I am declaring WAR. And not environmentally-friendly, globally responsible war. I mean globally-damaging, chemical-warfare! I have ants in my garden. They built their hill under my coral bells -- killed the plant. Now they have also moved to my lavender bush. There are hundreds, possible thousands as far down as my shovel will dig. They are killing my garden; I am waiting for home invasion. I have tried the environmentally friendly methods. One internet site suggested icing sugar and baking soda. The ants just walked over it. Then we've had so much rain my white killing powder washed away. Another site suggested boiling water. Yep, it kills the ants it touches -- boils the little bastards and drowns the rest in the top inch of the hill. The queen and her warriors just move the eggs deeper. Human urine is suggested and DS is keen to contribute, but that's a bit gross and as far as I can tell has a rather uncertain success rate.
So, yesterday I went to Home Hardware and bought 3 cans of the Raid home invasion foam. It's the kind advertised on TV that you insert the nozzle down the ant hill and it foams throughout the tunnels. I emptied one entire can on the hill that was where my coral bells used to be. I used TWO cans on the hill growing under my lavender. 2 cans!! That is how deep the tunnels were.
Today I counted only 1 ant. I figured he must have been away yesterday and missed the massacre 'cause there was no other action on either hill.
I won't declare the war over for a day or 2 'cause they could just be underground plotting revenge. You'll know I've surrendered if you see DS out peeing on my lavender bush!


  1. Yes, KB, most DS's would be more than happy to oblige! I know mine would. Good luck with the war!

  2. My EC-DSiL (environmentally-correct dear sister in law) called this morning to give me another way to get rid of my ants. Apparently they don't like peppermint essential oil. I had to confess that I'd already used the super bad chemical. I may get some peppermint oil to prevent the ants from attacking anywhere else.