Sunday, August 30, 2009

This is Berta. She's a 9 week old lab-cross. Nope, she's not ours. DD and DS were dogsitting for their Auntie today. I was well warned that wee Berta was not house trained, so the cat-lover in me firmly told the kids that Berta could be outside, or in our backroom -- and any messes were their responsibility. Well Berta was in the back room for about 30 seconds, when I decided that the kitchen would be ok -- can't wreck a hardwood floor. Then the wee girl got all cute and quiet while we were having lunch. She cuddled up at DHs feet and melted his heart. I could hardly deny her access to the hallway and playroom, when she had been so good all morning. These pictures were taken about 2 minutes after that decision -- you can see she is perfectly happy on our couch. She's a wily one -- wormed her way into our house and brainwashed me into thinking that was just ok.

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  1. Well, how could anyone resist her.......she is too cute! How much trouble could she REALLY be?!?!