Thursday, August 27, 2009

unexpected inspiration

Today should have been a difficult day -- in fact it was for a few hours, but it ended with inspiration and blessing.
I had to have a tough conversation with one of my staff members this morning-- potentially, due to bureaucracy and union rules, she could lose her job. She was most gracious about it though I expected nothing less. I agreed to call her by the end of the afternoon with whatever decision had been made (both out of her control and mine.) I prayed hard and thought good thoughts.
My wishes came true and she was allowed to keep her position. Good news.
But the best news -- my soul-filling news -- came from her description of her afternoon. This is paraphrasing what she told me:
She said "K, I called the mother of a girl I used to work with. My mother always said that if you are feeling blue, you should help someone else. Her child is severely handicapped and I just figured there is never enough respite care. I told the mother she should go out and get a coffee, or do something for herself. Then I spent the afternoon with her daughter. I could tell by her smiles and drools that she was really happy. When the mother returned I walked outside, looked at the sky and said 'God whatever happens, happens, because I am blessed."
So this is what I learned from an extraordinary lady -- I learned today to be gracious, even in the face of bad news; I learned to be selfless and compassionate, and I learned to recognize how blessed I am. I also learned to recognize the angels in my life -- the ones that turn bad days into inspirations.

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