Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I tried the Bacon and Cheeseburger Spaghetti recipe that I noted on Menu Planning Monday. It was not a success. Rarely do I say I don't like something, especially if I've made it myself; I can choke down just about anything (I would do well on Survivor in this regard) but this was just yucky. And I just don't understand it -- it had all the makings of something wonderful but ended up really strong -- too much mustard or something.... DS and DD tried one or two bites and then stopped abruptly. After I had my bite, I immediately pulled out the old peanut butter, jam and bread, no questions asked. I also called DH and told him to stop somewhere for supper on the way home unless he felt like PB and J.
When DD saw me dump the entire casserole she said "but what about all those starving kids in Africa you talk out?" My response "they will thank me this time, I think!"


  1. I hate that when a recipe sounds good and then turns out yucky. I can eat most creations I try ... but there have been a couple ... Ewwww! Cool your DH got a "Stop and get something warning" It may have been his new favorite and you'd get stuck making it for him all the time (YUCK!) LOL!!!

  2. So glad when someone points out the sunny side of the situation -- nope, I won't have to make THAT casserole for DH!