Friday, August 21, 2009

I resent the question "so, what did you do today?" because either a) you won't believe the answer, b) if you are a mom you go "well, that was like ___day when..." or c) if you are DH you really don't want to know the all the details, you just think you are making polite conversation.
So here is my answer for what I did yesterday, in case DH reads my blog:
7:15 -- wake up (I hit snooze first, twice because the alarm really went off at 7am)
shower, dress, load of laundry in, breakfast for me, empty dishwasher, wake kids, get them dressed, teeth brushed etc.
8:10 -- drop kids off at babysitters head to meeting for 9am
9-11:15 -- meeting on School Improvement Planning (interesting, but now I've added to my to do list...)
11:20-12:00 -- drive home -- listen to ABBA on the way
12 noon -- pick up kids
then lunch, laundry, house tidy, do books for Bible School treasury, homework...
12:45 -- hair cut for DS, trim for me.
1:15 -- Back home for housework and homework.
3pm -- to public library with kids
3:25pm -- pick up DS's friend to take both to a birthday party in BigTown. Drive is 20 min.
4pm -- DD and I had pedicures booked (a gift from a friend) -- what a treat! -- but it took longer than we had
6pm -- RACE to Tim Horton's for take out sandwiches
6:15 -- back to birthday party to pick up DS. Had to stay 10 min. longer than planned to watch a rocket being launched.... Drive 20 min., ate on the way.
6:40 -- home for quick change, grab hockey equipment then leave for BiggerTown. Drive 25 min.
7:10 -- hockey school
7:30 -- enjoyed walking track around the top of arena (what a brilliant idea, by the way!)-- did only 2 miles 'cause I got side-tracked talking to a friend.
9:10 -- head to Marble Slab for ice cream for DS. Then drive 25 min.
9:45 -- home -- kids to bed, sort laundry, get things ready at launching pad for morning
10:15 -- bed time.

So that's what I did yesterday. And yes, my toes look wonderful!

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